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BaerCoil® and BaerFix® Thread Repair and Thread Reinforcement

BaerCoil - Wire Thread Inserts for Thread Repair and Thread strengthening. Our range of product for Thread Repair Kits, Thread Inserts and Tools is unrivaled.

BaerFix - self-tapping Thread Inserts for Thread Repair and Thread Reinforcement. The line of products contains many different kinds and sizes of Thread Repair Kits and Thread Inserts.


BAER Drill Chucks

All kinds of drill chucks: from portable electric drill chuck to high precision drill chucks for CNC-maschines.

Easy order processing with our online shop.


BAER Taps and Dies

We offer all kinds and of threading tools with special dimensions, in-between sizes and curious typs with short lead time.

Profit from the biggest product range of taps and dies on the internet. Direct, easy and fast.